ESG Consultation

At Liroyen Advisory, we recognize the growing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in today’s business landscape.

How can we help you?

Our ESG consultation Services are tailored to help businesses integrate sustainable practices and responsible business strategies into their operations. We believe that prioritizing ESG factors not only contributes to positive societal and environmental impacts but also enhances long-term business performance and resilience.

1. ESG Framework Developmen

Our team of experts collaborates with your organization to develop comprehensive ESG frameworks aligned with your business values and objectives. Our services include:

Identifying key ESG issues that are most relevant and impactful for your business, ensuring that your efforts are focused on the right areas.
Assisting in defining clear and measurable ESG goals, establishing a roadmap for your organization’s sustainability journey.
Creating ESG policies and procedures to guide your organization’s decision-making processes and operations.

2. ESG Reporting and Disclosure:

Transparent and meaningful ESG reporting is crucial for engaging stakeholders and building trust with investors, customers, and other stakeholders. Our services encompass:

Helping your organization adopt globally recognized ESG reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, or TCFD, ensuring consistency and comparability.
Assisting in the collection and analysis of ESG-related data, allowing for accurate and credible reporting.
Preparing comprehensive sustainability reports that communicate your organization’s ESG performance and progress towards sustainability goals.

3. ESG Integration into Investment Decision-Making:

For investors, integrating ESG factors into investment decision-making is becoming increasingly important. Our services include:

Conducting ESG due diligence on potential investment targets to assess their sustainability performance and risk exposure.
Providing ESG performance analysis of existing investments to identify opportunities for improvement and risk mitigation.
Assisting investors in formulating ESG investment strategies that align with their values and risk-return objectives.

4. Stakeholder Engagement and Impact Assessment:

Effective stakeholder engagement is essential for understanding ESG priorities and managing reputational risks. Our services encompass:

Identifying key stakeholders and understanding their perspectives on ESG issues relevant to your organization.
Conducting materiality assessments to identify the most significant ESG issues for your stakeholders.
Measuring and assessing the social and environmental impacts of your organization’s activities and initiatives.

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